About Harley

In 1984, Harley attended a Sunday meeting that opened the door to an adventure that has changed his life. He has been teaching, using, and demonstrating his natural abilities as a Clairvoyant, Healer, and Trance Medium ever since. In 2001, Harley was taught a number system by his spirit guides that he has called Power Numbers, a system that describes the characteristics of a person how to handle them and the chances of a relationship between the different numbers. Harley is presently concentrating on connecting people and their love ones for closure on both sides. He is also helping people find harmony with the spirit within, the “Soul Energy” as they travel the path of life.Harley lives in Montreal and has his own business. Spiritual life is only part of his physical life. Harley and his physical and spiritual angels work have been included in Ann Diamond’s books My Cold War and Harley’s Angels.

Host a group at your home or at Harley’s space

Have you ever wondered about the powers that are part of this existence and beyond? Then this is a place you have to be. Host an event like no other as Harley shares his abilities as a Trance medium, intuitive and advisor. Harley will help you connect with your love ones that have passed. In the first part of the evening, Harley will lead you in a meditation where you can have a true experience of all the senses and of spirit communication as well. Harley and his spirits will interpret what you saw, heard and felt. The second part of the evening is always light and fun. We will share some clairvoyance and will do some numerology as well. Of course, if there are spirits who want to be heard Harley will channel that information for them and you. And finally, in the third part of the evening, Harley will meet with each person for a personal 10-15 minute session.

EVERYONE IS GUARANTEED A MESSAGE.Gather your friends and family for a fun time of exploration and learning.Call for more information and to reserve


One-on-One Session

Using a form of numerology, channeled to him by his spirit guides, Harley will tell you all about your characteristics and those of others around you. Let Harley show you who you are and how you react and interact in the situations around you. With the full birth dates of those around you, Harley will be able to tap into your closest friends and family, living or passed. Harley will also be able to channel the souls of people you may bring with you to your session, without even knowing. 30 or 60-minute sessions. By appointment only.